Segni di rinascita nelle aree ‘interne’

Tonino Perna


The spatial paradox in our time can be summarised this way: where space and time, safe water and clean air are available, people flee; on the contrary, where they lack, population grows. An almost unbelievable paradox, which has been gathering pace in recent decades and represents today a contradiction urgently requiring positive answers. A territorial rebalance between overcrowded unhealthy regions and high environmental quality abandoned areas requires a serious effort of local governments and public as well as private actors. Happily, we are not starting from year zero. The lines below present some field experiences that are successful or have proved themselves capable of a turnabout. However, to approach the large numbers needed for such a rebalance, a ‘New Agrarian Reform’ for abandoned areas in the Apennines and the Alps would be desirable: one which should not repeat the mistakes of the 1950 one, but able to recall its spirit in enhancing poorly cultivated or completely abandoned land. A challenge which, according to the author, should involve multiple social and institutional actors, also seeing in new migrants a social force that could make a difference.


space/time; air/water; experimenta; migrants; agrarian Reform

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