Salvare le Apuane e ‘rientrare nel paradiso terrestre’

Fabio Baroni


“Salviamo le Apuane” is a non-structured organisation, like the ancient mountain communities were. It was established in 2010 with the publication of the Charter of Apuan Alps and the preparation of the Plan-Program of alternative economic development for Apuan Alps (Pipsea). It is mostly active on a social network, used as a tool for communication and struggle. The organisation, active on the Apuan mountains in close contact with its communities, works at building an alternative economic development – based on the principle “change the world without taking power” – pointed at solving the two main problems of Apuan Alps: monoculture of marble and demographic desertification. The organisation counts 10.500 members and tries to rebuild an economy based on agriculture, sheep-farming, tree-farming and different kinds of tourism. Relying also on the elders’ knowledge, it works as a free planning agency, providing support and advice to young people who want to establish agricultural and pastoral businesses, building short supply chains. It is currently working on the quality label “Qualità Apuana” for the products of companies tied in the association “The spirit of mountain”, and on the design of trade forms based on an alternative currency (the Apuo). “Salviamo le Apuane” is committed to the recovery and revitalisation of the Apuan cultural identity, by innovating and expanding the concepts of birth and belonging to a general “taking care” of Apuan Alps.


Apuan Alps; monoculture; marble quarry; redemption; cultural identity

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