Le montagne aquilane; iniziative, esperienze, progetti

Enrico Ciccozzi


This paper describes some experiences aimed at returning a key role to the mountains in the Apennine around L’Aquila. The morphological description of the area highlights how strongly mountain ranges of Abruzzo are connected to social, economic and settlement aspects, while reminding the critical issues that involved inland areas, but also the importance of environmental protection and tourism. The Velino-Sirente and Gran Sasso mountain ranges and the Aterno River valley are read as a bioregion, highlighting the historical connection between city and mountains up to the current situation, marked by the 2009 earthquake. The role of mountains is considered both for medium altitudes and for higher ones, focusing on the latter as place for hiking practices and describing experiences and projects related to mountain retreats, trails network and guiding activities. Finally, the paper highlights how much such activities can be of help in strengthening place consciousness, encouraging local economies, involving a rebalance between areas most exploited by mass tourism and less jeopardised ones.


mountains; hiking; mountain retreats; trails; guides

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Scienze_Territorio-19394

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