Fenomeni di ritorno nelle Terre alte d’Abruzzo

Edoardo Micati


In this paper I present two experiences of comeback to the mountains, experienced by two friends of mine which decided to go back to the traditional mountain economies. Over twenty years ago Gabriele and his wife Paola led a quiet life in their small family-run arts-and-craft firm. During a hike in the Majella mountains they were impressed by that abandoned landscape and decided to completely change their lives and to start a holiday farm. After having a hard time for a few years, today their farm is renown everywhere for the special welcome it reserves to its guests. Nunzio from Anversa degli Abruzzi (Aq), MD in Economics and management, decided to devote himself to the ancient activities practiced by his people. While retaining the traditional aspects of pastoral breeding, he has been able to put some innovative elements that have been highly successful: the programme “Adopt a sheep - Protect nature” directly involves consumers and allows them to take an active part in the future of these mountain areas, but above all the ‘foster parent’ also participates in a millennial activity likely to disappear. The third aspect concerns me directly. My close relationship with these mountains arose many years ago, when from the seaside I used to watch those mountains so high and so close. As soon as I was able I went to find out what was hiding behind the old image I carried in myself: with my return to childhood I then started my researches in the High lands.


farm holidays; sheep-farming; High lands; ancient crops; “Adopt a sheep”

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Scienze_Territorio-19395

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