Il fenomeno dei nuovi abitanti in Valle Po: il caso di Ostana

Cristiana Oggero


The topic of resettlement in the Alpine mountain areas is increasingly becoming a subject in studies about territorial development. it is indeed a global phenomenon of moving towards the mountains, a real process of comeback, which generates new ways of living and using land, new requests, visions and lifestyles, alternative and renewed forms of economy and reassembled alpine communities, that can not be reduced to a simple process of counter-urbanisation. This is the case of Ostana described in what follows: a veritable model of mountain rebirth that has been recently known all around the world. Thanks to an enlightened local government, able to propose new and innovative forms of governance, Ostana, after 28 years, has finally recorded the arrival of a newborn citizen. This is just an example of the many results achieved, not without sacrifices, by a careful and smart Administration in a small mountain reality. Careful, because it has been able to enhance latent local resources in an integrated way; smart, because it has been able to resist even when all seemed lost, and to overcome the crisis in an exemplary way, giving importance to elements such as identity and community, environmental sustainability, architectural quality, offer for an appropriate and place-friendly tourism. Ostana has therefore turned into a real ‘territorial workshop’ that has reinvented itself building a new future.


Ostana; new residents; alpine communities; territorial heritage; sustainability

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