Rigenerazione urbana e accoglienza. Il ruolo del territorio

Giorgio Dietmar Sokoll


The paper describes a part of a research on the migrants’ reception system in Riace. It aims at being a reflection on the opportunity of designing good reception practices related to the current phenomenon of migration, following at the same time the purpose of regenerating the territories of small municipalities facing depopulation and abandonment. It should appear as a system able to translate the relationships between territory, city, human resources and hospitality into a phenomenon of resilience. The research was mainly conducted on field through direct experience within the municipality, and supported by studies of direct and indirect sources and the current legislation. Through the case study analysis, it was therefore possible to develop a strategy which could be successful in similar contexts. What is investigated is a possible study method for the territory in order to define the presence of favourable or unfavourable conditions for the implementation of a project of urban regeneration and hospitality. In particular it considers social, economic, urban and architectural conditions through the concepts of human, social, institutional and physical capital, emphasizing the qualities of a place able to create forms of sociality and collective development. Hence, the aim is to put two current issues, migration and depopulation of minor areas, together into a system towards the opportunity of a symbiotic solution.


migration; migrants’ reception; depopulation; urban regeneration; sociality

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Scienze_Territorio-24387

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