Ripartire dal territorio, uno studio per una pianificazione dal locale. La Comunità Montana dei Monti Ernici tra marginalità, tradizioni e innovazione

Sabrina Spagnuolo, Serenella Stasi


The paper presents a study on the Mountain Community of Monti Ernici, located in the historic region of Ciociaria, with the purpose of rethinking territorial and economic planning of places starting from the local. The hypothesis behind our work is that territories should be interpreted, as suggested by Becattini, reviving the rooting of production systems to communities knowledge, ecosystem and the history of places. The Community of Monti Ernici presents a series of demographic issues (depopulation and aging of population in small mountain municipalities), an important lack of infrastructure and an inadequacy of welfare services and supply chains. A sort of ‘valley’ territorial and economic development, exacerbated by the recent global economic stagnation, has contributed increasing criticalities and losing territorial traditions and productive cultures. A possible revitalisation of the Ernici mountain communities is possible if we invest in handicraft and agricultural production on one side, and in the reconstruction and strengthening of services on the other.


productive chorality; soft economy; network analysis; place by sector matrix; social network

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