A review of the genus Gonionotophis in north-eastern Africa (Squamata: Lamprophiidae)

Benedetto Lanza, Donald G. Broadley


The status of the material of the genus Gonionotophis from north-eastern Africa (north of Latitude 12’S and east of Longitude 28’E) is reconsidered. The northernmost specimens of G. nyassae (Günther, 1888) fall within the known range of variation for that species. The available specimens of the G. capensis (A. Smith, 1847) complex from this region indicate that the number of postoculars varies from none to three, so that the ‘diagnostic’ lack of postoculars in M. fiechteri Scortecci, 1929 is invalid. The Somali specimens should be assigned to the north-eastern form G. chanleri (Stejneger, 1893), of which Simocephalus unicolor Boulenger, 1910 is a synonym. Data for G. chanleri is summarised from throughout its extensive range, and compared with data for adjacent populations of G. capensis and G. savorgnani (Mocquard, 1877).

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Acta_Herpetol-11929

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