Food composition of Ocellated Skink, Chalcides ocellatus (Forskal, 1775) (Squamata: Scincidae), from the Cyprus Island

Kerim Çiçek, Bayram Göçmen


We examined the food composition of the museum specimens of Chalcides ocellatus (Forskal, 1775) collected from Morphou (= Güzelyurt) and Gönyeli (Nicosia District, Northern Cyprus). The stomach contents of 41 (23 males, 11 females, and 7 juveniles) individuals were analyzed, and totally 86 prey items were detected. The species was found to feed mainly on a variety of insects (94.3%) and particularly on coleopterans (62.1%). No statistically significant sex- or age-dependent difference was observed in the feeding regime. In conclusion, the diet of C.ocellatus was based mainly on insects and other arthropods.

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