The advertisement call of Pristimantis subsigillatus (Anura, Craugastoridae)

Florina Stanescu, Rafael Márquez, Paul Székely, Dan Cogalniceanu


We describe for the first time the advertisement call of Pristimantis subsigillatus from southern Ecuador. Our study provides a detailed quantitative characterization of the advertisement call of P. subsigillatus, filling a gap in our knowledge of this genus, the most speciose among vertebrates. Males called perched on vegetation 0.5-2.5 m above ground, always during mild rain. The advertisement call is composed of a single note with a duration of 63-80 ms, with an initial short pulse (3-10 ms) followed by a longer tonal component. Call rates ranged between 4-12 calls/min. The dominant frequency varied between 2.02-2.82 kHz.

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