A new species of Hemidactylus from Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya (Squamata: Gekkonidae)

Roberto Sindaco, Edoardo Razzetti, Ugo Ziliani, Victor Wasonga, Caterina Carugati, Mauro Fasola


A new species of the genus Hemidactylus is described on the basis of two
specimens (an adult male and an adult female) collected in 2005 in rocky and sandy
habitat of the semiarid climatic region on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana (Kenya).
It is a medium-sized Hemidactylus (SVL from 40 to 50 mm) distinguished from all
other species by a unique combination of characters. The back is covered by large, trihedral,
strongly keeled tubercles, intermixed with a few small, irregular shaped granules,
forming 14 quite regular transverse rows from axilla to groin; nostrils contact the
rostral, first supralabial, 1 enlarged internasal and 2-3 postnasals; the dorsal half of
the rostral scale is divided longitudinally; there are 6 lamellae under the first toe and
10 under the 4th toe; male with 8 precloacal pores; female without pores. The dorsal
colour pattern is very distinctive, consisting of four transverse bands, bordered with
dark margins. The types are housed in the Herpetological Collections of the Museo
di Storia Naturale of the University of Pavia and in the National Museums of Kenya

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Acta_Herpetol-1879

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