New distribution and genetic data extend the ranges of the spectacled salamanders, genus Salamandrina, in the Apulia region (South Italy)

Cristiano Liuzzi, Fabio Mastropasqua, Daniele Salvi


Additional data on the distribution of the genus Salamandrina in the Apulia region (southern Italy) are provided. Based on fieldwork carried out from May to August 2011 in two new localities, Volturara Appula (Foggia province) and Spinazzola (Barletta province), the presence of Salamandrina species was recorded. Results from the genetic analyses of the 12S rRNA gene fragment from six individuals demonstrated that S. perspicillata occurs in Volturara Appula while S. terdigitata in the Spinazzola locality. The latter species is reported for the first time for the Apulia region. These new distribution data represent considerable range extensions for the Salamandrina species, indicating that more surveys are needed to complement the existing knowledge on their distribution as well as of the herpetofauna from the Apulia region. The conservation implications of our findings are also discussed.

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