Performance of tomato under greenhouse and open field conditions in the trans-Himalayan region of India

M.S. Kanwar


Production of tomato is limited by harsh climate and a short growing season in the trans-Himalayan Ladakh region of India. The performance of five tomato genotypes was compared under polyhouse and open field conditions. The study revealed that the performance of all tested tomato genotypes is far superior in the polyhouse, as compared to open field conditions, for all the considered characters. ‘Shivalik’ performed best with respect to yield characters followed by ‘Pusa Rohini’ under polyhouse conditions. However, in the open field, ‘Pusa Rohini’ showed the highest values, followed by ‘Shivalik’. Cultivation of tomato under the polyhouse produced 136.12% more yield per ha and 188.93% more fruits per plant compared to open field cultivation. Therefore, tomato cultivation under protected conditions is advised for Ladakh growing conditions, employing specific polyhouse-responsive varieties.


greenhouse; Ladakh; open field; Solanum lycopersicon; tomato

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