Par delà le principe de plaisir esthétique

Bernard Vouilloux


The question of aesthetic evaluation, which was so central in Kant’s philosophy, was later almost forgotten by the speculative tradition of continental philosophy, but it has been the object of many theories and has become a veritable quaestio disputata in the analytic tradition and in its recent European developments. The French reception of these works, and notably of Nelson Goodman’s and Arthur Danto’s books, is the context in which one must understand the debates which have put this question to the forefront in the 1990s, particularly in Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Gérard Genette and Rainer Rochlitz. Genette’s thesis probably was the most debated, because of its author’s renowned and fundamental contributions to poetics, but also because of its own radicality.


Aesthetic evaluation; Kant; Goodman; Pleasure.

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