Apple Music. La fin de l’histoire?

Stéphane Gasparini


Will streaming have a “feedback effect” on musical creation, comparable to the one enforced by the precedent distribution modes of musical contents? In other words, could it be compared to the one generated by the invention of 45rpm vinyl record (pop-rock music in the sixties) or 33rpm LP linked to the “concept albums” from the seventies, or even CD and DVD?
I will use the description of “Apple Music”, the new Apple streaming site, to demonstrate that the innovations brought along with this site (such as “connect”, a function that gives an opportunity to link the artists to their public) clearly evince that this new mode of distribution has achieved its own end and will exert, if my predictions are true, an important effect on musical creation in the upcoming years. Since those optimistic conclusions far from being shared by all musicians, I will have to discuss their points of view in this article as well.


streaming; Apple music; musical creation; predictions; distribution feedback

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