L’esperienza per immagini: condizionamento e possibilità dello sguardo fotografico nella percezione dell’arte

Caterina Zaira Laskaris


Our society is experiencing a radical transformation through photographic multimedia. The photographic gaze is the dominant mode of the daily visual relationship with reality, due to the extreme pervasiveness of photography in every field of our experience. Starting from some empirical considerations, this paper will reflect on this trend in terms of visual perception of reality in general, focusing on works of art. Since visual art is made to be perceived as an object, this field of experience is congenial to examine the implications of the capillary multimedia conveyance in our perceptive dependence on photographic images. The consequences are significant both in the historical-artistic methodology and in the education of the gaze applied to art, especially for the younger generations. The transformation in progress should not, however, be interpreted in negative terms, nor as an obstacle to the understanding of the world, but as a terrain of shared experience, on which to work with more conscious instruments.


photography; work of art; perception; multimediality; still life

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Aisthesis-23299

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