La ri-creazione della quotidianità: medium, sguardo e costruzione finzionale nella fotografia di Jeff Wall

Michele Bertolini


The essay focuses on Jeff Wall’s theoretical writings and artistic productions. The inquiry on the photograph’s medium has been re-enacted in the late 1970s and 1980s by the use of the large scale and the “tableau-form”; in Wall’s work the large scale of the images, coupled with the light box, stimulates at the same time a new relationship with the beholder’s gaze and the possibility of a historical dialogue with other media, like painting and cinema. By the analysis of photographs like Mimic (1982) and A view from an Apartment (2004-2005) the interplay between document and fiction, capture of everyday and mise en scène appears at the core of Wall’s research and a main subject in contemporary photography.


Photography; Jeff Wall; Medium; Everyday; Fiction

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