Vol 12, No 1 (2019)

From the aesthetic mind to the symbolic mind

Edited by Lorenzo Bartalesi and Mariagrazia Portera

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Foreword PDF
Lorenzo Bartalesi, Mariagrazia Portera 3-4
The mimetic creation of the Imaginary PDF
Christoph Wulf 5-14
From the aesthetic mind to the human cultures: Towards an anthropology of aesthetics PDF
Lorenzo Bartalesi 15-26
Playing with pattern. Aesthetic communication as distributed cognition PDF
José Ignacio Contreras 27-39
From Aesthetic to Epistemic Structures and back: Complex Dynamics between Art and Science PDF
Fausto Fraisopi 41-54
Is aesthetic mind a plastic mind? Reflections on Goethe and Catherine Malabou PDF
Valeria Maggiore 55-60
From the Extended Mind to the Digitally Extended Self: A Phenomenological Critique PDF
Federica Buongiorno 61-68
Techno-aesthetic Thinking. Technicity and Symbolism in the Body PDF
Anna Caterina Dalmasso 69-84
The Geometric Enigma. A Book Symposium PDF
Ellen Dissanayake, Dean Falk, Fabio Martini 85-98


The Aesthetics of Marina Abramović: In Conversation with the Artist PDF
Marta Rosa 99-106
Eating an Onion. Notes on Marina Abramović PDF
Andrea Mecacci 107-114
Aesthetics, theatricality and performativity: an introduction PDF
Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis 115-122


Doubt and Indifference: Threshold Conditions within the Work of Art PDF
Andrew Benjamin 123-133
Theatricality in Installation Artworks: An Overview PDF
Elena Tavani 135-150
La ri-creazione della quotidianità: medium, sguardo e costruzione finzionale nella fotografia di Jeff Wall PDF
Michele Bertolini 151-163
The Sublime in Lutoslawski’s Three Poems of Henri Michaux (1961-63) PDF
Marianela Calleja 165-173
Culture and Affect in Aesthetic Experience of Pictorial Realism: An Eighteenth-Century Korean Literatus’ Reception of Western Religious Painting in Beijing PDF
Ju-Yeon Hwang 175-188
Les frontières entre réel et imaginaire à l’épreuve des promenades sonores in situ (Soundwalks) PDF
Lucia Angelino 189-203


Note & Recensioni PDF

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