Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

The Aesthetic Mind and the Origin of Art

Edited by Fabrizio Desideri and Ellen Dissanayake

Table of Contents


Foreword HTML PDF
Ellen Dissanayake, Fabrizio Desideri 3-4
“Aesthetic Primitives”: Fundamental Biological Elements of a Naturalistic Aesthetics HTML PDF
Ellen Dissanayake 6-24
Epigenesis and Coherence of the Aesthetic Mechanism HTML PDF
Fabrizio Desideri 25-40
Making «art» in Prehistory: signs and figures of metaphorical paleolithic man HTML PDF
Fabio Martini 41-52
Shared aesthetic starting points? HTML PDF
Roberta Dreon 53-69
The aesthetic experience as a characteristic feature of brain dynamics HTML PDF
Giuseppe Vitiello 71-89
Compositional Homology and Creative Thinking HTML PDF
Salvatore Tedesco 91-100
Beyond the nature-culture dichotomy: a proposal for Evolutionary Aesthetics HTML PDF
Lorenzo Bartalesi, Mariagrazia Portera 101-111
On The Rise of the Aesthetic Mind: Archaeology and Philosophy HTML PDF
Elisabeth Schellekens 113-122
Making the Difference: John Dewey and the Naturalization of Aesthetics HTML PDF
Jean-Pierre Cometti 123-134
Phenomenology and Neuroaesthetics HTML PDF
Elio Franzini 135-145
Early art and the evolution of grounded emotions HTML PDF
Gianluca Consoli 147-156


John L. Bell: A biographical note HTML PDF
Alberto Peruzzi 157-158
Reflections on Mathematics and Aesthetics HTML PDF
John L. Bell 159-179


Reviews & Comments HTML PDF
a cura di Mariagrazia Portera 181-203

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