Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

Aesthetics of streaming

Edited by Alessandro Arbo and Fabrizio Desideri

Table of Contents


Foreword PDF HTML
Alessandro Arbo, Fabrizio Desideri 3-4
The musical work in cyberspace: some ontological and aesthetic implications PDF HTML
 Alessandro Arbo 5-27
Plato on the Stream. Platonism in the Age of Streaming PDF HTML
Frédéric Bisson 29-49
Listening to Music in the Digital Era PDF HTML
Giacomo Fronzi 51-69
Skipping the tracks. The experience of musical improvisation online PDF HTML
Roberto Zanetti 71-86
Performances Compared. Sequential replication of the same music piece on an audiovisual file PDF HTML
Giorgio Armato 87-95
Apple Music. La fin de l’histoire? PDF HTML
Stéphane Gasparini 97-114


Perspective and Spatiality in the Modern Age PDF HTML
Fausto Fraisopi 115-133
Benjamin, Desnos et la place d’Atget dans l'histoire de la photographie PDF HTML
Ricardo Ibarlucía 135-151
Fisiologia del gesto. Fonti warburghiane del concetto di Pathosformel PDF HTML
Jessica Murano 153-175
“Intermittency: the differential of time and the integral of space. The intensive spatiality of the Monad, the Apokatastasis and the Messianic World in Benjamin's latest thinking” PDF HTML
Fabrizio Desideri 177-187


Reviews & Comments PDF HTML

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