Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

Wittgenstein on Aesthetics / Aesthetics on Wittgenstein

a cura di Jean-Pierre Cometti e Fabrizio Desideri

Table of Contents


Foreword PDF HTML
Jean-Pierre Cometti, Fabrizio Desideri 3-4
On Standard and Taste. Wittgenstein and Aesthetic Judgment PDF HTML
Jean-Pierre Cometti 5-15
Grammar and Aesthetic Mechanismus. From Wittgenstein’s Tractatus to the Lectures on Aesthetics PDF HTML
Fabrizio Desideri 17-34
Aesthetics - Wittgenstein’s Paradigm of Philosophy? PDF HTML
Simo Säätelä 35-53
Wittgenstein’s Concepts for an Aesthetics: Judgment and Understanding of Form PDF HTML
Silvana Borutti 55-66
Towards a Wittgensteinian Aesthetics. Wollheim and the Analysis of Aesthetic Practices PDF HTML
Giovanni Matteucci 67-83
Success through Failure: Wittgenstein and the Romantic Preface PDF HTML
Mark W. Rowe 85-113
Wittgenstein on “Beautiful” and “The Beautiful” PDF HTML
Gabriele Tomasi 115-137
Showing and Saying. An Aesthetic Difference PDF HTML
Vicente Sanfélix Vidarte 139-150
Art and Perspicuous Vision in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Reflection PDF HTML
Giuseppe Di Giacomo 151-172
Music and Language-Games PDF HTML
Joachim Schulte 173-185
Language Games and Musical Understanding PDF HTML
Alessandro Arbo 187-200
Some Reflections on Seeing-as, Metaphor-Grasping and Imagining PDF HTML
Kathleen Stock 201-213
The Content of a Seeing-As Experience PDF HTML
Alberto Voltolini 215-237
Understanding Resemblance in Depiction: What Can we Learn from Wittgenstein? PDF HTML
Elisa Caldarola 239-253
Wittgenstein and the Liberating Word. Aesthetics Remarks about Philosophical Attitude PDF HTML
Moira De Iaco 255-261
On Satzklang: on the Sense and on the Nonsense PDF HTML
Leonardo Distaso 263-273
Wittgenstein’s Picture Theory of Pictures PDF HTML
Enrico Terrone 275-290
Wittgenstein. Playing on the Edges of Language PDF HTML
Francesco Valagussa 291-305
Wittgenstein and Aesthetics: A Bibliography PDF HTML
Massimo Baldi 307-322


Note e Recensioni PDF HTML
a cura di Mariagrazia Portera 323-354

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