Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

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Full Research Articles

Agricultural and oil commodities: price transmission and market integration between US and Italy PDF
Franco Rosa, Michela Vasciaveo, Robert D. Weaver 93-117
The contribution of different off-farm income sources and government payments to regional income inequality among farm households in Italy PDF
Simone Severini, Antonella Tantari 119-135
Explaining determinants of the on-farm diversification: empirical evidence from Tuscany region PDF
Fabio Bartolini, Maria Andreoli, Gianluca Brunori 137-157
Adoption intensity of soil and water conservation practices by smallholders: evidence from Northern Ghana PDF
Paul Kwame Nkegbe, Bhavani Shankar 159-174

Short Communications

An addendum to: a meta-analysis of hypothethical bias in stated preference valuation PDF
Gianluca Stefani, Riccardo Scarpa, Ginevra V. Lombardi 175-184

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