Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

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A systematic approach to understanding and quantifying the EU’s bioeconomy PDF
Tévécia Ronzon, Stephan Piotrowski, Robert M’Barek, Michael Carus 1-17
Cost function and positive mathematical programming PDF
Quirino Paris 19-35
What if meat consumption would decrease more than expected in the high-income countries? PDF
Fabien Santini, Tévécia Ronzon, Ignacio Perez Dominguez, Sergio René Araujo Enciso, Ilaria Proietti 37-56
A stakeholder engagement approach for identifying future research directions in the evaluation of current and emerging applications of GMOs PDF
Davide Menozzi, Kaloyan Kostov, Giovanni Sogari, Salvatore Arpaia, Daniela Moyankova, Cristina Mora 57-79
A spatial analysis of terrain features and farming styles in a disadvantaged area of Tuscany (Mugello): implications for the evaluation and the design of CAP payments PDF
Laura Fastelli, Chiara Landi, Massimo Rovai, Maria Andreoli 81-114

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