Vol 1, No 3 (2012)

Towards a Sustainable Bio-economy: economic issues and policy challenges

Papers selected from the first AIEAA conference, after regular peer review

Table of Contents

The Bio-based Economy: a New Development Model PDF
Donato Romano 231-233

Reviews Articles

Knowledge, Technology and Innovations for a Bio-based Economy: Lessons from the Past, Challenges for the Future PDF
Roberto Esposti 235-268
Economics of Biofuels: An Overview of Policies, Impacts and Prospects PDF
GianCarlo Moschini, Jingbo Cui, Harvey Lapan 269-296

Full Research Articles

Product Differentiation and Brand Competition in the Italian Breakfast Cereal Market: a Distance Metric Approach PDF
Paolo Sckokai, Alessandro Varacca 297-312
Factors Affecting the Adoption of Genetically Modified Animals in the Food and Pharmaceutical Chains PDF
Cristina Mora, Davide Menozzi, Gijs Kleter, Lusine H. Aramyan, Natasha I. Valeeva, Karin l. Zimmermann, Giddalury Pakki Reddy 313-329

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