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Vol 8 (2019)

Beyond Books and Plays Cultures and Practices of Writing in Early Modern Theatre edited by Raimondo Guarino and Lene Buhl Petersen


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Quaderni di Jems, 2 - Suppl. Journal of Early Modern Studies, Vol. 7 (2018)

‘Al Mine Eie’. La rappresentazione del Sé e i Sonnets di Shakespeare
di Angelo Deidda

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Vol 7 (2018)

Out Loud: Practices of Reading and Reciting in Early Modern Times edited by Riccardo Bruscagli and Luca Degl’Innocenti


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Vol 6 (2017)

A Time of Their Own. Experiencing Time and Temporality
in the Early Modern World, edited by Alessandro Arcangeli and Anu Korhonen


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Quaderni di Jems, 1 - Suppl. Journal of Early Modern Studies, 5-2016

Translation and Manipulation in Renaissance England
by John Denton
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Vol 5 (2016)

The Many Lives of William Shakespeare
Biography, Authorship and Collaboration

edited by William Leahy and Paola Pugliatti


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Vol 4 (2015)

Service and Servants in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1750, edited by William C. Carroll and Jeanne Clegg


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Vol 3 (2014)

Letter Writing in Early Modern Culture, 1500-1750, edited by Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti and Donatella Pallotti


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Vol 2 (2013)

Shakespeare and Early Modern Popular Culture, edited by Janet Clare and Paola Pugliatti


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Vol 1 (2012)

On Authorship, edited by Donatella Pallotti and Paola Pugliatti

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