Vol 8 (2019)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/JEMS-2279-7149-8

Beyond Books and Plays Cultures and Practices of Writing in Early Modern Theatre edited by Raimondo Guarino and Lene Buhl Petersen

Table of Contents

Jems 8-2019: Full Issue PDF
Cover PDF
Preliminaries PDF
Contents PDF
Editorial PDF
Raimondo Guarino 7-16

Part One - Introduction

A Nomenclature for the Cultures and Practices of Writing in Early Modern Theatre PDF
Lene Buhl Petersen 19-27

Part Two - Case Studies

Text and Stage: (Vernacular) Traditions and Afterlife
About French Vernacular Traditions: Medieval Roots of Modern Theatre Practices PDF
Darwin Smith 33-67
Acting and Reading Drama: Notes on Florentine sacre rappresentazioni in Print PDF
Paola Ventrone 69-132
Beyond the Bad Quarto: Exploring the Vernacular Afterlife of Early Modern Drama PDF
Thomas Pettitt 133-171
Visions of the City in Seventeenth-Century Roman Popular Theatre PDF
Roberto Ciancarelli 173-188
Negotiating Meanings: Text and Stage Reception
‘Pawn! Sufficiently Holy But Unmeasurably Politic’: The Pawns Plot in Middleton’s A Game at Chess PDF
Christopher Haile 191-224
An Eighteenth-Century mise en scène and the Play of Refractions: Essayists, Critics, Spectators, and an Actor Negotiate Meanings PDF
Maria Grazia Dongu 225-247
Impermanence of Authorship
The Diminution of Thomas Kyd PDF
Darren Freebury-Jones 251-277
Contributors PDF

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