Oltre la Generazione del Sessanta: la poesia di Susana Thénon

Carolina Argenta


Susana Thénon’s literary production (Buenos Aires, 1935-1991) is situated between poetry from the 1960s and Neo-baroque innovative movements from the 1980s. Her particular conception of “the craft of poetry” and her inclination towards individualism are the main reasons for the neglect of her work, since it was not easily classifiable within a single literary project. This paper aims to “exhume” Susana Thénon’s figure for Italian readers, as well as illustrating some small gestures, scattered throughout her work, which are directed against bourgeois ideology, in the shape of corrosive criticism of society.


1960s Generation; 1980s Poetry; Argentine Poetry; Neobarroco Rioplatense; Susana Thénon

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/LEA-1824-484x-15187

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