Cento anni di Metz Yeghern, tra silenzio e speranza. A proposito del volume di Yeghiayan Vartkes, Pro Armenia. Voci ebraiche sul genocidio armeno, a cura di Fulvio Cortese e Francesco Berti (2015)

Diana Battisti


This article starts from the analysis of the volume Pro Armenia in order to discuss the lack of recognition of the Armenian Genocide by sectors of the international community. Following the protagonists of this book we retake a painful historical and geographical journey beginning with the eye witness accounts by Metz Yeghern and continuing to today’s artists and intellectuals living inside the Diaspora and out of it. These independent voices tell us how, despite its unique evolution, the Armenian Holocaust is emblematic of other genocides of the 20th century, as shown by the very genesis of the word “genocide”, created by Raphael Lemkin not by chance after his personal experience dating from 1915 in the Ottoman Empire.


Armenian diaspora; Armenian Holocaust; Armenian-Jewish relations; Genocide Studies; negationism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/LEA-1824-484x-20029

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