L’Armenia, la diaspora, gli altri: questioni aperte ed urgenze culturali. A proposito del volume a cura di Stefan Nienhaus e Domenico Mugnolo Questione armena e cultura europea (2013)

Diana Battisti


The subject of this article is the research work by a team of experts on Armenian Studies and the connections between Armenian History and European cultures, in particular German, French and Italian Literature. The aim is to collate the most important opinions and results of this scientific inquiry and present them in a systematic overview. From the reworking of some special historical questions such as the Armenian Holocaust, its aftermath and (lack of) recognition, it becomes clear that the Armenian case – despite existing parallels with other genocidal models from a historical and juridical point of view – is to be viewed as unique. This understanding also offers interesting input for current discussions on Human Rights, especially as far as the policy of ‘peaceful coexistence’ is concerned.


Armenian diaspora; Armenian genocide; Armenian history; Hrant Nazariantz; Nor Arax

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/LEA-1824-484x-20030

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