All’ombra del mago astuto W.B. Yeats

Viola Papetti


In 1949 Giorgio Manganelli published his first review of W.B. Yeats’s poetry in «La Fiera Letteraria». It was an impressive and enthusiastic appreciation of Yeats as the most intelligent and interesting poet among his contemporaries. In addition there was a very fine Italian translation of Sailing to Byzantium – at that time Manganelli himself was a young poet under the influence of the Symbolist Movement. In the late 1940s he had translated into Italian about 80 poems by Yeats, and was eager to publish them together with some of the Irish poet’s plays, but he was utterly disappointed. For the first time, here are published three typewritten letters to Manganelli’s friend, Oreste Macrì, in which he describes his attempts to publish his translations with Guanda and other companies. Also there are some interesting holographic pages from his cahier «9 aprile 1954-19 gennaio 1956/Roma», in which he discusses Yeats’s early poems with subtle critical acumen.

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