“On the brink of the absolutely forbidden”: In Conversation with Mary Morrissy

Loredana Salis


Mary Morrissy (Dublin, 1957) belongs to the generation of women
writers excluded from the Field Day Anthology in the 1990s, only to
be included in a dedicated volume in 2003. By then she had become
a distinguished literary voice in Ireland (having published a collection
of short stories, and two novels). After The Rising of Bella Casey (2013),
Morrissy returned to the short story in the form of an adaptation of
Joyce’s “An Encounter” (2014), and a collection of short stories entitled
Prosperity Drive (2016). Situated where history, biography and
fiction intersect, her works deal with Ireland’s recent cultural developments
and situations of marginality risking social exclusion, gender
inequality, an indelible past and the dominance of religion. Standing
“on the brink of the absolutely forbidden”, her protagonists, like her
writing, yearn to break taboos and

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