No 9 (2019)


Edited by Loredana Salis

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SIJIS 9-2019 - Full Issue PDF
Preliminaries PDF
Contents PDF
Ringraziamenti / Acknowledgements PDF
Tom Murphy: il trionfo del Sì alla vita, al di là del ricordo con rabbia e dell’angoscia PDF
Rosangela Barone 15-25

Sezione monografica / Monographic Section

Whose Homelands? Fictions, Facts and Questions of the Irish Diaspora
edited by Loredana Salis
Whose Homelands? Facts, Fictions and Questions of the Irish Diaspora. Introduction PDF
Loredana Salis 29-40
Two Diasporic Moments in Irish Emigration History: The Famine Generation and the Contemporary Era PDF
Kevin Kenny 43-65
“Exiles at home, neither in exile nor at home”. New Insights in Pearse Hutchinson’s Image of Spanish Regionalism in the 1950s-1970s PDF
Véronica Membrive 67-90
Lesbian Migrant Writing: From Lesbian Nation to Queer Diaspora PDF
Anna Charczun 91-112
Irish Diaspora, Cultural Activism and Print Media in Transatlantic Contexts between Ireland and North America c. 1857-1887 PDF
Fiona Lyons 113-135
Star of the Sea: Resistance and Adapted Homelands PDF
Heather Levy 137-160
Displacing the Nation: Performance, Style and Sex in Eimear McBride’s The Lesser Bohemians PDF
Gerry Smyth 161-178
Like a Scattering from a Fixed Point: Austerity Fiction and the Inequalities of Elsewhere PDF
Jason Matthew Buchanan 179-201
Irish Diaspora Politics: The West Riding of Yorkshire, 1879-1886 PDF
Andrew Maguire 205-228
Coming Home: Lesbian Poetics and Homelessness PDF
Emer Lyons 229-250
“This cemetery is a treacherous place”. The appropriation of political, cultural and class ownership of Glasnevin Cemetery, 1832 to 1909 PDF
Patrick Callan 251-270
Scotland’s Easter Rising Veterans and the Irish Revolution PDF
Thomas Tormey 271-302
a lone a last a loved a long the riverrun… A Brief Nonacademic Reflection on Riverdance a Seemingly Never-Ending Success Story of Diasporic Cultural Cross-Fertilisation PDF
Kay McCarthy 303-313
Lost (and Found) in Translation. Women and Emigration in two poems by Eavan Boland, translated into Italian, with an Italian envoi PDF
Carla de Petris 317-327
When did the Irish-American Diaspora Make a Difference? Influencing US Diplomacy toward Northern Ireland PDF
Timothy J. White, Emily M. Pausa 329-346
Southern Celts: Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand PDF
Celine Kearney, Martin Andrew 347-367
Decolonizing the Irish: The International Resistance and Entrenchment of the Global Irish Diaspora PDF
Aedan Alderson 369-386
The Irish in France: Assessing Changes in the Profile of Irish Emigrants over the last 30 years PDF
Gráinne O’Keeffe-Vigneron 387-413


The Island of the Saints and the Homeland of the Martyrs: Monsignor O’Riordan, Father Hagan and the Boundaries of the Irish Nation (1906-1916) PDF
Simon Pietro Cefaloni 417-442
Where Does the State End and the Church Begin? The Strange Career of Richard S. Devane PDF
Aidan Beatty 443-464
A Female Odyssey of Romantic Illusion: Abject Women in Edna O’Brien’s Five Love Stories PDF
Ann Wan-lih Chang 465-482
Ecological Theory, Protestant Theology, and Derek Mahon’s Sense of the Natural World PDF
James Mc Elroy 483-506
The Angel Controversy: An Archival Perspective PDF
Carlos Menéndez-Otero 507-526
Adapting the Story of Suibhne in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods PDF
Victoria Yee Wei Wen 527-543

Voci / Voices

Detached Lyricism and Universal Rootedness: A Critical Introduction to the Poetry of Pat Boran PDF
Pilar Villar-Argáiz 547-562
Poetry as “an immersion in the actual”: An Interview with Pat Boran PDF
Pilar Villar-Argáiz 563-578

Scritture / Writings

The Echo of an Echo: Translating Hopkins ... cautiously PDF
Giuseppe Serpillo 581-585
The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo / L'eco di piombo e l'eco d'oro PDF
Gerard Manley Hopkins 586-589
An Experiment in Life Writing: Evelyn Conlon’s “Imagine them …” PDF
Melania Terrazas 591-595
“Imagine them ...” PDF
Evelyn Conlon 597-603
Recensioni / Reviews PDF
Libri ricevuti / Books received PDF
Autori / Contributors PDF

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