Land-estimation questions in improvement of the Trazzera’s regional property in Sicily

Salvatore Giuffrida, Giuseppe Collesano, Giovanna Ferluga


The “demanio trazzerale” (herd way regional property) in Sicily constitutes a significant quota of the territorial social capital, due to its historical and cultural origin.
A recent law draft considers its new and diverse potentiality to be assumed in the re-planning of the territory at inter-municipal scale, but some criticalities concern the calculation of the legitimization corresponding sale price.
The contribution provides appraisal tools for: the legitimizations in urban areas, with a valuation model of the fair market value; b) the valuation of the territorial value of a “trazzera”, in order to select the ones more suitable to be included within a recovery land plan for a new and different territorial policy, which the administration will have to undertake if the law draft is validated.

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