Agro-energie in Basilicata: un approccio analitico per la valutazione dei costi di trasporto

Mario Cozzi


The present study aims at implementing a biomass transportation cost mapping, drawn thanks to the spatial analyses included in the Geographical Information System (GIS). The themes involved in the creation of the cost function can be identified in the use of soil, information concerning the punctual biomass availability, road system and morphology, and
exact localisation of plants for processing wooden material, etc. The idea stands in the will to search for and afterwards apply a function able to match cost and distance by keeping in mind several parameters. Stepping back, the realisation of the transport cost function is useful in case we have not definitely placed the biomass processing plants in the whole area as it is in the region of Basilicata, the area analysed in the present proposal. The proposed analysis would be useful to identify the economically valid collection basins and the best positions where a new plant can be installed, and also the size itself of the biomass processing plant on the basis of the actual production conditions of the area.

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