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Original Articles

Heterogeneous Investors, Negotiation Strength & Asset Prices in Private Markets: Evidence from Commercial Real Estate PDF (Italiano)
David C. Ling 5-40
Estimation of a Hedonic House Price Model with Bargaining: Evidence from the Italian Housing Market PDF (Italiano)
Mauro Iacobini, Gaetano Lisi 41-54
Gentrification and models for real estate analysis PDF (Italiano)
Gianfranco Brusa, Alessandra Armiraglio 55-78
Simulating housing prices in Lyon with UrbanSim: Predictive capacity and sensitivity analysis PDF (Italiano)
Marko Kryvobokov, Aurélie Mercier, Alain Bonnafous, Dominique Bouf 79-90
Application of some multidimensional comparative analysis methods to investigate secondary real estate market in Warsaw PDF (Italiano)
Mariola Chrzanowska, Monika Krawiec 91-104
Analysis of Real Estate market Cycles: an application on Italian data PDF (Italiano)
Maurizio Festa, Erika Ghiraldo, Alessandra Storniolo 105-125
The real estate market as the foundation of the value and forecast as a purpose: trend and real estate cycles PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Rosasco, Leopoldo Sdino 127-148
The impact of macroeconomic factors on residential property prices indices in Europe PDF (Italiano)
Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor, Radosław Wiśniewski 149-166
Studies and researches regarding the urban policies impact on land valuation PDF (Italiano)
Daniela Barbu 169-181
Real estate function impact on its value exemplified by the city of Gdańsk PDF (Italiano)
Anna Wojewnik-Filipkowska, Małgorzata Rymarzak, Dariusz Trojanowski 183-199
The role of evaluation tools in the urban policies for the development rights transfer/compensation: the isovalue maps for properties PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Alessandra Pandolfi 201-219
Exogenous factors and market value: an appraisal model of capital gains in urban redevelopment programs in public/ private partnerships PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Calabrò, Lucia Della Spina 221-230
Ways of Increasing Property Values in Degraded Urban Areas: Projects Implemented in Pécs, Hungary PDF (Italiano)
Éva Szabó, Zoltán Tóth 231-235
The Italian experience for the recovery of the housing market. An economic model applied to the management of local governments PDF (Italiano)
Gianluigi De Mare, Antonio Nesticò, Francesco Tajani 237-261
Regenerating the small historical centres where a large part of the inhabitants are immigrants PDF (Italiano)
Manuela Ricci 263-266
Housing Market Information in CEE countries PDF (Italiano)
Koloman Ivanicka 269-280
The local property taxes and municipal federalism. Current and future inequity condition of Italian Property Taxation PDF (Italiano)
Michele Argiolas, Giampietro Cabiddu, Stefano Corsi 281-292
A data base for the Italian residential real estate market PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Donato Berloco, Antonio Spremulli 293-301
Land value 2009 PDF (Italiano)
Concetta Cardillo, Giuliano Gabrieli, Massimo Gioia, Franco Mari 303-315
Leveraging GIS to Enhance Real Estate and Urban Areas performance PDF (Italiano)
Angela Poletti 317-332
A GIS based system for minimizing acquisition risk in Real Estate property market PDF (Italiano)
Michele Argiolas 333-345
Theories and Opinions of value PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio 349-357
Evaluation process and problemsolving PDF (Italiano)
Gaetano Martino 359-369
The Discipline of Appraisal in Italy in the last Half –Century PDF (Italiano)
Marcello Orefice 371-381
Evaluating Appraisers’ Research: uncertainties and risks PDF (Italiano)
Saverio Miccoli, Fabrizio Finucci, Rocco Murro 383-396
Real Estate Appraisal and International Valuation Standards PDF (Italiano)
Aart C. Hordijk 397-401
The actual universe of valuation standards PDF (Italiano)
Ion Anghel 403-410
Processes of Real Estate Valuation PDF (Italiano)
Alfredo Passeri 411-423
Economic scenarios for the real estate market: Incorporating uncertainty and risk in real estate appraisals PDF (Italiano)
Carsten Lausberg 427-442
Evaluation principles in Landscape Projects PDF (Italiano)
Saverio Miccoli 443-458
An assessment model for the environmental damage simulation through scenarios predicted with a Geographic information system PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Alessandra Pandolfi 459-477
Real Estate Development, Highest and Best Use and Real Options PDF (Italiano)
Marina Bravi, Stefano Rossi 479-498
Developing the Green Building Challenge (GBC) evaluation model: a multidimensional framework for the assessment of regional and urban regeneration interventions PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Alessandra Pandolfi 499-510
Market Efficiency, Uncertainty And Risk Management in Real Estate Valuation – How Hedonics May Help PDF (Italiano)
François Des Rosiers 511-533
A Space-Time Model for Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal PDF (Italiano)
Richard A. Borst 535-545
New linear models in the context of a rationalised Real Estate Valuations Science PDF (Italiano)
Luigi Caraglio 547-567
The valuation error in the compound values PDF (Italiano)
Marina Ciuna 569-583
Market Comparison Approach between tradition and innovation. A simplifying approach PDF (Italiano)
Francesca Salvo, Manuela De Ruggiero 585-594
The Transformation Value and project configurations PDF (Italiano)
Luigi Orefice 595-599
The distortion of the land market due to plans for the infra-structure of the region: criteria for alternative valuation PDF (Italiano)
Marcellina Bertolinelli, Marco Fabbri, Luca Masotto, Alberto Pirani 601-616
The right indemnity in the case of expropriation constraint reiteration PDF (Italiano)
Stefano Carrer 617-619
Financial and estimating indicators for assessment of mortgage lending value PDF (Italiano)
Antonio Benvenuti 621-628
The Real estate market: types of property and criteria for appraisal PDF (Italiano)
Mario Breglia 629-632
‘We are not afraid of flooding’ …but what about landslide? The effects of assumed and perceived hazards on the value of residential locations PDF (Italiano)
Tom Kauko 635-651
Emerging Issues in Real Estate Appraisal: Market Premium for Building Sustainability PDF (Italiano)
Domenico Enrico Massimo 653-673
When possibility dominates probability. Global pressures on a local border town: the real estate market of Ortigia PDF (Italiano)
Salvatore Giuffrida 675-696
A fuzzy measure of the ability of a real estate capital to increase in value. The real estate decision problem for Ortigia PDF (Italiano)
Maria Rosa Trovato 697-720
Testing the use of Contingent Valuation Method in Real Estate Market: first results of an experiment in the city of Milan PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Alessandra Pandolfi 721-734
Mass Appraisal Modelling in Minsk: Testing different Models Location sensitive PDF (Italiano)
Maurizio D’Amato, Nikolaj Siniak 735-743
Capital Asset Pricing Model: An application to the estimation of undivided real estate shares PDF (Italiano)
Vincenzo Del Giudice, Pierfrancesco De Paola 745-763
Regressed DCF, Real Estate Value, Discount Rate and Risk Premium Estimation. A case in Bucharest PDF (Italiano)
Maurizio D’Amato, Ion Anghel 765-776
The evaluation of innovative production to ensure quality in sustainable buildings PDF (Italiano)
Antonella Postorino 777-787
Real estate appraisal in markets’ risk, uncertainty and instability: facing the challenge. Introductory note PDF (Italiano)
Saverio Miccoli 1-2

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