A New Course for CROMOHS


CROMOHS is a peer-reviewed and open-access electronic journal, with twenty-year history and a respectable reputation for scholarly rigour. Under our new direction, the Advisory and Editorial Boards have been completely replaced and the journal will adopt a new format with monographic sections on challenging and fresh topics in intellectual and cultural history. The aim is to promote methodological debates at international level arising from original and creative dialogue between scholarly traditions, as well as innovative archival inquiries. As usual, each issue will also include a section for critical discussions and book reviews.

In the beginning of this new course, we wish to express our gratitude to the founders and outgoing editors Guido Abbattista and Rolando Minuti, who have decided to hand over the reins to us, entrusting us with the task of relaunching and widening the themes and horizons of the journal.

According to this, we are now rethinking Cromohs as an international journal published in English, which can act as a focal point and forum for challenging and fresh scholarship on fourteenth- to nineteenth-century intellectual and cultural history in global perspective. Its chief fields of interest will be cross-cultural and connected histories, intersecting the history of knowledge, emotions, religious beliefs, ethnography, cartography, the environment, material culture and arts.

Thanks to the collaboration of the brilliant scholars who have joined the Advisory and Editorial Boards of CROMOHS, we hope to be able to realize a new path-breaking international academic journal. 

Giovanni Tarantino and Giuseppe Marcocci

3 September 2015

Posted: 2017-02-09

Thematic issue on Emotions


The thematic issue on emotions of CROMOHS edited by Giovanni Tarantino and Giuseppe Marcocci include an Emotion literature review by Merry Wiesner-Hanks (“Overlaps and Intersections in New Scholarship on Empires, Beliefs, and Emotions”), Susan Broomhall’s essay “Performances of Entangled Emotions and Beliefs: French and Spanish Cultural Transformations on the Sixteenth-Century Florida Peninsula”, and Daniel Barbu’s interview of Charles Zika (“Historians and Their Craft”). The Call for Papers for the new issue of CROMOHS on “From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past (1400-1900)” will expire on 28 April 2017.



Posted: 2016-12-16




(Issue 21/2017):
From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past (1400-1900)

(deadline: 14 January 2017// EXTENDED TO 28 April 2017)


Posted: 2016-07-18




(Issue 20/2015):
"Empires, Beliefs, Emotions"
(deadline: 30 March 2016)

Posted: 2016-07-18
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