Per Luca Ronconi (1933-2015): quasi una «leçon de ténèbres»

Claudio Longhi


The recent death of Luca Ronconi (February 21st, 2015) became the occasion to retrace his artistic path, of a forever restless ‘adolescent’, and to understand better his typical traits. Among projects that will remain forever unfulfilled, titanic failures and visionary shows, the keystone of the poetics of Ronconi turns out to be an inexhaustible search of the infinite, in a dialectic between the exceeding of the limit and the strenuous comparison with its inescapable necessity. The theatre of Ronconi, in its giddy pursuit of ‘what has no end’, confesses its most genuine nature: an ‘anatomical’ theatre of death.


Luca Ronconi; Stage direction; Drama; Acting; Anatomical theatre

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