Le regie goldoniane di Renato Simoni (1936-1947)

Adela Gjata


The study aims to reconstruct Renato Simoni’s stage directing investigated through the analysis of the outdoor Goldonian performances set up for the Festival of Venice in the years 1936-1947. These exceptional events employed top level dramatic artists. Simoni was one of the first directors who responsibly exercises his professional function, a profession that struggled to settle in the national theater system. His directing, built on an idea centred on the text, according to Silvio d’Amico’s teaching, is based on a very accurate playwriting, that aims to revalue the Italian drama in its best acting tradition. Simoni never reached a tradition-breaking linguistic innovation, but achieved the connection between the word and the image, that will be a cornerstone of the critical stage directing after World War II.


Renato Simoni; Carlo Goldoni; Direction; Theater Festival; Biennale of Venice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Drammaturgia-18381


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