Il fantasma della Grecia in Italia

Letizia Norci Cagiano


This paper intends to consider the image of Greece and an attempt by a few eighteenth-century travellers to seize it during their journey through Italy. The image of Greece shines not only through ancient statues and architectures, but also through the Italian landscape and the character of some people. The presence of Greece in Italy is quite elusive, but always attractive. Each traveller, depending on their character, culture and origin, tries different strategies to define, catch, or evoke the phantasm of that country so difficult to reach because of the Turkish domination. In this view we shall consider the experience of excellent travellers like Caylus, Winckelmann, Brydone, Riedesel and Vivant Denon. 


Greece; Eighteenth century; Antiquity; Travellers; Evocation

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