Patrimonio lasciato in strada. Riflessioni sulla conservazione delle architetture per la mobilità

Susanna Caccia Gherardini


Service stations and petrol pumps are marginal places of transit that have seduced both the cinema and contemporary art of the 20th century, places in which architecture tends to be experimental, searching for aerodynamic forms and finding expression in daring projecting roofs, and uses a flexible material par excellence such as reinforced concrete. Research in this sector has overlooked the Italian case, of which many extraordinary examples exist, raising issues regarding their conservation. There have been many demolitions and alterations, yet there are still many buildings to safeguard. The aim today is that of identifying, surveying and disseminating awareness regarding their existence, as well as of tracing an interpretative pathway within the panorama of contemporary architecture, both national and international, in order to valorise the quality of this heritage, and to recognise the need to safeguard it.

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