Vol 19, N° 2

Adult Education Perspectives in a Changing World: from the Learning to the Job Competences

Prospettive di ricerca nell’Educazione degli adulti: dalla formazione alle competenze per il mondo del lavoro



Adult Education Perspectives in a Changing World: from the Learning to the Job Competences PDF
Vanna Boffo, Soonghee Han, Claudio Melacarne 1-9

Articoli su invito

Methodology for the analysis of adult education systems. Results and policy trends in Italy between 2014 and 2019 PDF (English)
Paolo Federighi 10-44
Learning Society and Sustainable Development: adult education re-search that expands the territories PDF (English)
Soonghee Han 45-57
The Transition to Work: Higher Education and Future PDF (English)
Vanna Boffo 58-74
Developing instrumental, transversal and vertical skills through transformative methodologies PDF
Claudio Melacarne 75-87


Education for transformation of subjects and working contexts. The institutional learning of Regional Governments as an example PDF
Francesca Torlone 88-104
Teaching4Learning@Unipd: instruments for faculty development PDF
Monica Fedeli, Concetta Tino 105-121
From Higher Education to work transition. The use of narrative in guidance paths PDF
Alessandra Priore, Francesco Lo Presti 122-132
The Structure of non-traditional students’ motives for entering higher education PDF (English)
Katarína Rozvadská, Petr Novotný 133-148
Teaching a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through problem based learning PDF (English)
Daniele Morselli 149-160
Career Services as an institutional approach to employability PDF (English)
Carlo Terzaroli 161-177
Professional development in the digital age. Benefits and constraints of social media for lifelong learning PDF (English)
Maria Ranieri 178-192
Planning, training, and skills assessment in lifelong learning for adult workers PDF
Daniela Robasto 193-210
How to identify and recognize transversal skills: Italian experiences in professional and craft activities PDF
Chiara Biasin, Mariachiara Pacquola 211-224
The transformative value of professional development. Research into consultants’ perspectives regarding training and consultancy PDF (English)
Daniela Frison, Concetta Tino 225-237
Informal sustainability and adult education: towards the new construction of capability environments PDF
Claudio Pignalberi 238-250
Assessment of transversal competencies in entrepreneurial education: a literature review and a pilot study PDF
Elena Luppi, Daniela Bolzani, Liliya Terzieva 251-268
Future of work and education in 21st century. Coworking as learning space PDF
Glenda Galeotti 269-286
A review of research on education and professional development in countries with migratory potential PDF (English)
Francesco De Maria 287-304
The employability potential of young disabled adults in Campania: negotiation between resources and obstacles PDF
Valentina Paola Cesarano, Maura Striano 305-320
Agenda 2030, social and work inclusion even for people with intellectual disability: ecological social and human approach PDF
Elena Malaguti 321-332
Training transits: a path of promotion of employability for mothers of the Spanish Neighborhoods of Naples. PDF
Marianna Capo 333-349
Sport education and lifelong learning in the Cemea experience: Cecrope Barilli and Ettore Gelpi PDF
Veronica Riccardi 350-363
Élite sport & employability: Theoretical frameworks, policies and educational perspectives PDF
Sergio Bellantonio, Domenico Tafuri 364-376
The professionalization of early childhood education, care educators and pedagogical coordinators: a key issue of adult education PDF (English)
Clara Silva 377-392
The role of caregivers in children’s linguistic-conversational development: A review of Italian pedagogical studies PDF (English)
Paola Caselli 393-404
The Flipped Learning approach: quantitative research on the perception of Italian teachers PDF (English)
Alessia Bevilacqua, Raúl Santiago Campión 405-422
The “Pathways for transversal skills and orientation” as a strategic resource to a bridging work education PDF
Arianna Lodovica Morini 423-438
A professional development project to support the evaluation culture in the school PDF
Letizia Giampietro, Sara Romiti 439-454


Improving governance learning for sustainable development: introductory reflections on a specific issue in adult education PDF (English)
Giovanna Del Gobbo 455-466
The use of systematic reviews of research in Adult Education: perspectives and trends PDF (English)
Marta Pellegrini 467-476
Professional training between the Seventies and the Nineties. A story in constant evolution PDF
Vittoria Bosna 477-486
Learning in adulthood: training for transitions and job skills PDF
Giovanna Spagnuolo 487-496
Teacher training and internships. Proposed guidelines for schools PDF
Gianluca Consoli, Giordana Szpunar, Patrizia Sposetti, Pietro Lucisano 497-506
Improving the quality of teaching through learning technology. Didactic mediation and research perspectives PDF
Daniela Maccario 507-515
Social justice, empowerment and sustainability. How guidance could enhance a critical consciousness for life-long learning PDF
Cristina Coccimiglio, Patrizia Garista 516-525
Ancient languages as a simulation environment PDF
Nadia Petrucci 526-536
The use of Social Media in Healthcare. An experience in nursing PDF (English)
Irene Corniati, Ida Ginosa, Alberto Parola 537-547

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