Vol 16, N° 1

Teaching methods in mathematics, science and technology in schools

Didattica in ambito scientifico e tecnologico nella scuola



Teaching methods in mathematics, science and technology in schools PDF
Rosa Bottino 1-3


Semiotic mediation: from multiplication properties to arithmetical expressions PDF
Andrea Maffia, Maria Alessandra Mariotti 4-19
PotenziaMente 2.0. Developing numeracy in primary schools through computer games PDF
Roberto Trinchero 20-36
An educational method for evaluating the resistance to the treatment in the diagnosis of dyscalculia PDF
Giampaolo Chiappini, Giacomo Cozzani, Shaula Verna, Cristina Potente, Fabrizio De Carli 37-54
The use of open-ended questions to verify the mathematical literacy. Suggestions from PISA 2012 PDF
Giorgio Asquini 55-69
An educational activity for middle school teachers: analysis of Invalsi mathematics tests PDF
Francesca Martignone 70-86
Mathematics teaching and learning: a paper starting from Invalsi data PDF
Veronica Riccardi, Giuseppina Le Rose, Monica Amici 87-104
Argumentation in mathematics: mediation by means of digital interactive storytelling PDF
Giovannina Albano, Umberto Dello Iacono, Maria Alessandra Mariotti 105-115
How to tell a teaching practice: from video-experiments to web documentary to increase science teaching PDF
Serena Goracci, Francesca De Santis, Rachele Borgi 116-132
The use of assessment rubrics for the certification of achievements: the Va.R.C.Co. model PDF
Davide Capperucci 133-151


Digital Games as Tools for Stimulating and Assessing Reasoning Skills PDF
Rosa Maria Bottino, Ilaria Caponetto, Michela Ott, Mauro Tavella 152-168
Reconstructing the history of science education through its materiality PDF
Francesca Davida Pizzigoni 169-176
Technological innovation in the Italian school. A critical and historical analysis PDF
Camilla Moricca 177-187
Start App: a coding experience between primary and secondary school PDF
Filippo Bruni, Luigi D'Onofrio, Michela Nisdeo 188-200
Learning geometry and visuo-spatial abilities through coding PDF
Martina Sabatini 201-212
The teaching of measurement from epistemology to computational thinking PDF
Andrea Piccione 213-223
A multi-sensory methodological approach for science learning PDF
Eugenia Lucia Bossio, Costantino Rizzuti 224-237
Design of teaching/learning sequences for the chemistry curriculum according to an inquiry-based approach PDF (English)
Cecilia Giordano 238-248
How to organize a maths e-book for vocational training schools PDF
Damiano Trombini 249-259
Learning on the fly with the analogical method PDF
Zara Mehrnoosh, Sabrina Fusi 260-267
Pythagoras on the rocks. A proof with bricks PDF
Michele Cagol, Alessandro Efrem Colombi 268-274


Ranieri Maria, Manca Stefania, I social network nell’educazione. Basi teoriche, modelli applicativi e linee guida. Trento: Erickson (2013) PDF
Filippo Bruni 275-276
Boffo Vanna, Le relazioni educative: tra comunicazione e cura. Autori e testi. Milano: Apogeo (2011) PDF
Roberta Bergamini 277-278
Geoff Petty, Evidence-based teaching: a practical approach. Second edition. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes (2009) PDF
Marta Pellegrini 279-280

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