Vol 18, N° 3

Education professionals’ training in relation to learning objectives and learning outcomes. Sharing tests

La formazione dei professionisti dell'educazione tra obiettivi formativi e learning outcomes. Prove di condivisione



Education professionals’ training in relation to learning objectives and learning outcomes. Sharing tests PDF
Loretta Fabbri, Francesca Torlone 1-6

Articoli su invito

Key-competences in higher education as a tool for democracy PDF (English)
Raffaella Rumiati, Alberto Ciolfi, Annalisa Di Benedetto, Morena Sabella, Maria Rita Infurna, Alessio Ancaiani, Daniele Checchi 7-18
The core contents of pedagogy for the first degree in Education Sciences PDF
Paolo Federighi 19-36
Methods, tools and instruments for the core contents’ definition of the First degree in Education Sciences PDF
Francesca Torlone 37-60
The construction of core contents as a shared scientific practice. Methodologies for transformation of degree program design PDF
Loretta Fabbri 61-69
Towards an assessment of the disciplinary skills of the degree courses L-19. The process of test construction PDF
Francesca Bracci, Alessandra Romano 70-80
Contextualized Teaching & Learning as a Fundamental Educational Model PDF
Massimiliano Stramaglia, Rosita Deluigi, Laura Fedeli 81-93
At the beginning was the decree. Towards a shared design process between insiders and outsiders PDF
Loretta Fabbri, Mario Giampaolo, Alessandra Romano 94-107
Educators at university. A blended and problem based teaching model for the training course of “socio-pedagogical educator” PDF
Maria Ranieri, Mario Giampaolo 108-125
Potentialities of “Professional socio-pedagogical educator” Course for QA’ improvement in L-19 bachelor degree in the frame of the Bologna Process PDF
Giovanna Del Gobbo 126-141


Making educational planning: skills, methodologies, experiences PDF
Carlo Orefice, Erina Guraziu 142-152
Methods to facilitate learning processes in different educational contexts PDF
Monica Fedeli, Daniela Frison 153-169
Educational and training organizations management. Requirements to design assessment tasks in the frame of TECO-D research PDF
Matteo Cornacchia, Paolo Sorzio 170-181
The Early Childhood Education and Care system for children aged 0-6: regulatory pathway and pedagogical considerations PDF
Clara Silva 182-192
Required competences and specific training for learning tutor PDF
Cristina Gaggioli, Moira Sannipoli 193-206
Quality of life and professional orientation for people with intellectual disability: a case study in Lombardy PDF
Emanuela Zappella 207-219
The “core competence” of the Social Health Educator. Proposed models and literature review PDF
Francesco Crisafulli 220-236
Reflexive competence of adult education professionals in political adult education PDF (English)
Ekkhard Nuissl, Simona Lidia Sava 237-249
Learning outcomes and qualifications in a changing labour market: the case of teacher education in Greece (Patras) PDF (English)
Georgios Stamelos, Panagiota Evangelakou 250-264
Evaluating the college of Education Program in Iraq-Baghdad and Italy-Florence in terms of ESL and TESOL Standards PDF (English)
Bushra Saadoon Alnoori 265-278
Relationship between evaluation methods and learning outcome in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) PDF
Paolo Raviolo 279-288
Contemplative practices for the formation of educators and trainers PDF
Mariarosaria De Simone 289-300


The role of the University in skills recognition in continuing education programmes. An experience at the University of Catania PDF
Roberta Piazza, Simona Rizzari 301-310
Between prison and university. Discipline intersections to conjugate pedagogical penitentiary training PDF
Marco Brancucci 311-321
Between action and theory: a check list for teachers self-evaluation in Montessori contexts PDF
Barbara Caprara 322-331

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