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Call for Papers 2019: 

Vol. 19, n. 3. Interaction, Feedback and Active Learning: Where we are and Where we want to go 

Contributions are due by: 30th August 2019

Issue publication: 15th December 2019

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Vol. 19, n. 2. Adult Education Perspectives: from Learning to Job Competences 

Contributions are due by: 15th April 2019

Issue publication: 31st July 2019

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Vol. 19, n.1. Robotics, augmented reality, virtual worlds. When and how they can support cognitive development, learning outcomes, social interaction, and inclusion.

Guest Editor: Laura Menichetti (Università degli Studi di Firenze).

Deadline for papers submission:

Contributions are due by 15th February 2019.

Special issue publication: 30th April 2019.

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CALL FOR PAPERS. Call for Papers 2018

Vol. 18 , n. 2. Working in the school as a complex organization. Theoretical perspectives, models, professionalism for the Secondary School 

Submission deadline: 15 th April 2018 (i ssue delivery 31 st July 2018 )

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Call for Papers 2017


Call For Papers 2017

Vol. 17, n. 1 Tecnologie nella scuola e apprendimento. Criticità e potenzialità. Scadenza presentazione contributi 15 gennaio 2017 (uscita del numero aprile 2017)

Vol. 17, n. 2 Insegnare ad apprendere a leggere: metodi e strumenti. Scadenza presentazione contributi 15 aprile 2017 (uscita del numero luglio 2017)

Vol. 17, n. 3 Modelli e buone pratiche per una scuola di qualità. Scadenza presentazione contributi 15 settembre 2017 (uscita del numero dicembre 2017) 

Posted: 2016-11-04

CALL FOR PAPERS: Call for Papers 2016


Call For Papers 2016

Vol. 16, n. 1, Teaching methods for science and technology in schools 
manuscript submission deadline: January, 30th 2016 (Issue published April 2016) 

Vol. 16, n. 2, Teacher expertise 
manuscript submission deadline: April, 30th 2016 (Issue published July 2016) 

Vol. 16, n. 3, Results assessment in special and intercultural education manuscript submission deadline: September, 30th 2016 (Issue published December 2016)

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