Vol 123, No 1 (2018)

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Assessment of empathy among first-year medical students: A knowledge, attitude and practice study PDF
Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, Soumya Chakraborty 1-16
Superficial brachial artery traversing a median nerve loop in the arm associated with other vascular and muscular anomalies: case report and clinical implications PDF
George Paraskevas, Nikolaos Lazaridis, Maria Piagkou, Konstantinos Natsis 17-22
A mathematical model appraising the effect of metabolic control on joint mobility in young diabetic patients: a preliminary study PDF
Piergiorgio Francia, Barbara Piccini, Massimo Gulisano, Sonia Toni, Leonardo Bocchi 23-31
A cephalometric morphometric study of age- and gender-dependent shape patterns of the sella turcica PDF
Ayman G. Mustafa, Jamal H. Abu Ghaida, Anas J. Mistareehi, Mohammed Z. Allouh, Saab M. Mistarihi 32-45
Louis Hubert Farabeuf (1841-1910). A pioneer of topographical, clinical and surgical anatomy PDF
Konstantinos Laios, George Androutsos, Maria Zozolou, George Generalis, Maria Piagkou, Marilita M. Moschos 46-50
A study of incidence of trifurcation of left coronary artery in adult human hearts PDF
Jaishree Hosalinaver, Ashwini Hosalinaver 51-54
Morphology of the human hard palate: a study on dry skulls PDF
Masroor Badshah, Roger Soames, Muhammad Jaffar Khan, Jamshaid Hasnain 55-63
Treatment with relaxin reduces disease symptoms and enhances neuroprotection and remyelination in murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis PDF
Roy A. Garvin 64-79

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