Vol 123, No 2 (2018)

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Morphological characterization of the coronary sinus and its tributaries in short hair sheep. Comparative analysis with the veins in humans and pigs PDF
Fabian A. Gómez, Luis E. Ballesteros, Hernando Y. Estupiñan 81-90
Angular dimensions and squatting facets in human dry tali of South Indian origin PDF
Suresh Narayanan, Nachiket Shankar, Vijay Kishan, Vaidyanathan Balasubramanyam 91-99
Relationships between summer thermal variations and cell proliferation in heterothermic vertebrates, as revealed by PCNA expression in the brain of adult Rana bergeri (Günther, 1986) PDF
Vito Margotta, Claudio Chimenti 100-107
Incidence of persistent metopic suture and extra sacral foramina in Ethiopian population PDF
Amenu T. Wirtu, Soressa A. Geneti, Abay M. Zenebe, Solomon A. Ewnetu, Jickssa M. Gemechu 108-113
Anatomy of the glenohumeral ligaments PDF
Abduelmenem Alashkham, Abdulrahman Alraddadi, Roger Soames 114-126
Surgical anatomy for the treatment of ocular cancer by Antonio Scarpa (1752-1832) PDF
Marilita M. Moschos 127-129
Relaxin levels in matched sera and CSF from subjects with multiple sclerosis PDF
Roy A. Garvin 130-135
Mucus secretion and collagen fibres integrity are compromised in aspirin induced gastric lesion; protective role of Musa paradisiaca PDF
Margaret O. Alese, Olarinde S. Adewole, Omamuyovwi M. Ijomone, David A. Ofusori, Oluwole O. Alese 136-148
Historical notes on the anatomy of the heart’s lymphatic system PDF
George Paraskevas, Konstantinos Koutsouflianiotis, Kalliopi Iliou, Nikolaos Syrmos, George Noussios, Theodosios Bitsis, Nikolaos Lazaridis 149-157
Anatomic variations of the cystic duct assessed by magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography PDF
Fadil Sherifi, Ismet Bajraktari, Sadi Bexheti, Ali Lahu, Zaim Gashi, Jeton Shatri 158-164
Variations in distal attachment of muscles of the leg, foot and the hand and their clinical implications in population of central Ethiopia PDF
Soressa A. Geneti, Amenu T. Wirtu, Solomon T. Hailegiorgis 165-172
A study on coronary dominance and luminal diameters of major coronary arteries in cadaveric human hearts of the Maharashtra population PDF
Nihal S. Kiran, Megha A. Doshi, Shashikiran N. Devendrappa, Sudhanshu Saxena, Merina Sam 173-178
Karl Stellwag von Carion (1823-1904) and his studies on clinical and pathological anatomy of ocular cancer PDF
Konstantinos Laios, Efstathia Lagiou, Maria Piagkou, George Kitsos, Marilita M. Moschos 179-186
Book Review: Rui Diogo, Janine M. Ziermann, Julia Molnar, Natalia Siomava, Virginia Abdala – Muscles of Chordates: Development, Homologies, and Evolution PDF
Stefano Bacci 187-188

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