Vol 116, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Imaging of protease functions – current guide to spotting cysteine cathepsins in classical and novel scenes of action in mammalian epithelial cells and tissues PDF
Maria Arampatzidou, Maren Rehders, Stephanie Dauth, Denise M.T. Yu, Sofia Tedelind, Klaudia Brix 1-19
Localization of the autonomic, somatic and sensory neurons innervating the cranial tibial muscle of the pig PDF
Maddalena Botti, Ferdinando Gazza, Luisa Ragionieri, Luisa Bo Minelli, Rino Panu 20-29
Osteonic organization of limb bones in mammals, including humans, and birds: a preliminary study PDF
Paola Castrogiovanni, Rosa Imbesi, Marco Fisichella, Venera Mazzone 30-37
Some aspects of the craniofacial indices and macro neurometrics of the Nigerian local pig (Sus scrofa) PDF
James O. Olopade, O.O. Igado, C.I. Nwafor, A.O. Alamu, S.K. Onwuka 38-44
Accessory muscles around the superior radioulnar joint: a morphological study PDF
George K. Paraskevas, Orestis Ioannidis 45-51
The eminent Italian scholar Pietro d’Abano (1250-1315) and his contribution in anatomy PDF
Gregory Tsoucalas, Marianna Karamanou, George Androutsos 52-55
A rare case report of subscapular artery PDF
Amir Afshin Khaki, M.A. Mohagjel Shoja, Arash Khaki 56-59

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Creative Commons License

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