Vol 118, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Bacteria detected on surfaces of formalin fixed anatomy cadavers PDF
Burton Tabaac, Geoffrey Goldberg, Lia Alvarez, Molly Amin, Kathleen Shupe-Ricksecker, Fernando Gomez 1-5
Study of human adult parotid duct in the area of penetration through buccinator muscle and their functional relationship as a sphincter PDF
Kaori Amano, Hiroshi Moriyama, Kazuyuki Shimada, George Matsumura 6-18
Centrosome: is it a geometric, noise resistant, 3D interface that translates morphogenetic signals into precise locations in the cell? PDF
Marco F. Regolini 19-66
An immunohistochemical study of the presence and distribution of neuronal and glial markers in simple testicular cysts in the ostrich (Struthio camelus) PDF
Peter C. Ozegbe, Mary-Catherine Madekurozwa, Tom A. Aire 67-77
Analysis of the root morphology of European anterior teeth PDF
Giulia Fantozzi, Cinzia Leuter, Sara Bernardi, Gianna M. Nardi, Maria Adelaide Continenza 78-91
From Kepler’s conjecture and fcc lattice to modelling of crowding in living matter PDF
Ugo Del Monte, Enrico G. Caiani 92-104
Proliferative events experimentally induced by transient cold shock in the brain of adult terrestrial heterothermic vertebrates: preliminary analysis of PCNA expression in Triturus carnifex PDF
Claudio Chimenti, Vito Margotta 105-118
Light microscope observations on the epididymis of paca (Agouti paca) PDF
Bruno Cesar Schimming, Márcia Rita Fernandes Machado, Karina Simões, Claudinei da Cruz, Raquel Fantin Domeniconi 119-127
Coexistence of multiple arterial variations in the genitourinary system PDF
Seyed Hadi Anjamrooz, Mohammad Mohsen Taghavi, Mehdi Abedinzadeh, Safiye Mohasel Yazdi, Hassan Azari 128-135
Congenital defects of pericardium: case reports and review of literature PDF
Matteo Cuccuini, Francesca Lisi, Arturo Consoli, Sara Mancini, Valentina Bellino, Giorgio Galanti, Leonardo Capaccioli 136-150
A role for apoptosis in temporomandibular joint disc degeneration. A contemporary review PDF
Concetta Galanti, Giuseppe Musumeci, Jessica Valentino, Salvatore Giunta, Sergio Castorina 151-158

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Creative Commons License

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