Vol 118, No 1 (Supplement) 2013

Table of Contents

Development of a scaffold displaying exoloops of RXFP1 PDF
Natalie A. Diepenhorst, Paul R. Gooley, Martin J. Stone, Ross A.D. Bathgate 1-3
Recombinant RXFP1-LDL-A module does not form dimers PDF
Emma J. Petrie, Matthew A. Periguini, Ross A.D. Bathgate, Paul R. Gooley 4 -6
Cell-free protein synthesis as a tool to study RXFP3- Relaxin-3 protein interactions PDF
Patrick J. Shilling, Ross A.D. Bathgate, Paul R. Gooley 7-9
Development of human cells with RXFP1 knockdown using retroviral delivery of microRNA against human RXFP1 PDF
K.J. Yong, G.E. Callander, R. Bergin, C.S. Samuel, R.A.D Bathgate 10-12
A total solid-phase synthesis of DILP8 PDF
Sabirov Aydar, Lyu Rong-Ming, Chen Xiang-Qun, Tian Qing, Chang Jaw-Kang 13-14
Milk-borne relaxin and reproductive system development PDF
Carol A. Bagnell, Frank F. Bartol 15-16
Relaxin and the control of primate parturition PDF
Gerson Weiss 17-18
Reproductive tract actions of relaxin in models of human pregnancy PDF
Laura T. Goldsmith 19-20
Relaxin and Preterm Birth PDF
Frederico G. Rocha, Jaime S. Horton, Gillian D. Bryant-Greenwood 21-22
Expression and localization of RLF/ INSL3 receptor RXFP2 in boar testes PDF
Tetsuya Kohsaka, Dai Sagata, Itaru Minagawa, Hiroshi Kohriki, Ali Mohammed Pitia, Yusuke Sugii, Masashi Morimoto, Naoto Uera, Masatoshi Shibata, Hiroshi Sasada, Yoshihisa Hasegawa 23-25
Relaxin and Sertoli cell proliferation PDF
Aline R. Nascimento, Maristela T. Pimenta, Thais F.G. Lucas, Catarina S. Porto, Maria F.M. Lazari 26-28
Effects of relaxin in a co-culture of Sertoli and germ cells PDF
Catarina S. Porto, Catarina S. Porto, Maria F.M. Lazari 29-31
Mechanisms of INSL3 signaling in male reproductive organs PDF
Zaohua Huang, Elena M. Kaftanovskaya, Bryan Rivas, Alexander I. Agoulnik 32-33
Plasma insulin-like factor 3 (INSL3) in male patients with osteoporosis and Klinefelter’s syndrome PDF
Andleeb Hussain, Ramasamyiyer Swaminathan, Arun Sankaralingam, Paul V. Carroll, Geeta Hampson, Barbara M. McGowan 34-36
Consequences of relaxin-3 null mutation in mice on food-entrainable arousal PDF
Ihaia T. Hosken, Craig M. Smith, Berenice E. Chua, Andrew L. Gundlach 37-41
Viral-mediated delivery of an RXFP3 agonist into brain promotes arousal in mice PDF
Craig M. Smith, Anna Blasiak, Despina E. Ganella, Berenice E. Chua, Sharon L. Layfield, Ross A.D. Bathgate, Andrew L. Gundlach 42-46
Potential hypothalamic targets of relaxin-3 innervation: a perspective PDF
Craig M. Smith, Berenice E. Chua, Andrew W. Walker, Andrew L. Gundlach 47-51
Pharmacological activation of RXFP3 is not orexigenic in C57BL/6J mice PDF
Craig M. Smith, Ihaia T. Hosken, Natalie L. Downer, Berenice E. Chua, Mohammad Akhter Hossain, John D. Wade, Andrew L. Gundlach 52-55
Behavioral analysis of relaxin-3 deficient mice PDF
Masaki Tanaka, Eriko Furube, Miku Aoki, Yoshihisa Watanabe 56-59
Anti-arthritic actions of relaxin, in combination with estrogens, in joint and bone tissue PDF
Carol A. Bagnell, Karen Santora, Teh-Yuan Ho 60-61
Mechanisms for Relaxin’s Modulation of MMPs and Matrix Loss in Fibrocartilages PDF
Sunil Kapila, Young Park, Nisar Ahmad, Jun Hosomichi, Takayuki Hayami, Claire Tacon 62-65
Porcine derived relaxin stimulates new vessel formation and improves the disturbed wound healing of the genetically diabetic mice PDF
Francesco Squadrito, Alessandra Bitto, Natasha Irrera, Letteria Minutoli, Paolo Caccia, Domenica Altavilla 66-70
In vitro model based on human keratinocyte to evaluate relaxin activity on wound healing exploiting time-lapse video microscopy PDF
Antonietta Stellavato, Donatella Cimini, Rosario Finamore, Katia Della Corte, Gilda Fiandra, Mario De Rosa, Chiara Schiraldi 71-73
Acute treatment with relaxin attenuates the injury/ dysfunction induced by renal ischemia/reperfusion injury PDF
Massimo Collino, Mara Rogazzo, Alessandro Pini, Elisa Benetti, Arianna Carolina Rosa, Roberto Fantozzi, Daniele Bani, Emanuela Masini 74-76
Relaxin, cardiac stem cells and heart regeneration PDF
Lucia Silvia, Silvia Nistri, Chiara Sassoli, Daniele Bani 77-79
Relaxin and gastrointestinal motility PDF
Maria C. Baccari, Roberta Squecco, Rachele Garella 80-81
Muscular effects of relaxin on the mouse colon: mechanical and electrophysiological studies PDF
Roberta Squecco, Rachele Garella, Fabio Francini, Maria C. Baccari 82-83
Efficacy and safety of oral porcine relaxin (pRLX) in adjunct to physical exercise in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) PDF
Francesco Sonaglia, Paolo Milia, Marco Caserio, Bernardo Bigazzi, Benedetta Bigazzi, Serena Ricotta, Daniele Bani, Mario Bigazzi 84-91
Efficacy of Relaxin on functional recovery of post stroke patients PDF
Paolo Milia, Marco Caserio, Daniele Bani, Tito Filippo Rastelli, Francesco Sonaglia, Bernardo Bigazzi, Mario Bigazzi 92-97
Modifications in relaxin’s serum levels during acetatefree biofiltration (AFB): only a new biomarker? PDF
Valeria Cernaro, Antonio Lacquaniti, Grazia Giorgianni, Davide Bolignano, Michele Buemi 98-99
Tribute for Dr. Gillian Bryant-Greenwood PDF
Carol A. Bagnell 100-101
Tribute for Prof. Tatiana Bani-Sacchi PDF
Mario Bigazzi 102-103

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