Vol 3, No 6 (October 2011)

Table of Contents


Thinking about Love (Or the Experience of Writing on Sand) PDF
Manuel Cruz 7-22
The Contemporary Relevance of Aristotle’s Thought PDF
Enrico Berti 23-35
The Freedom of Judging PDF
Patrizia Pedrini 37-53
Extended Knowledge and Causal Dependence PDF
Esteban Céspedes 55-67

Critical Points

On Narrative Thought
Introduction PDF
Sergio Givone 71-73
Some Reflections on Narrative Thought PDF
Sergio Givone 75-88
The Thought-Provoking Power of Narration PDF
Dietrich Harth 89-107
Self-Reflection and Life-Narratives in Robert Musil’s The Man without Qualities PDF
Olav Krämer 109-125
Philosophy and Jewish Thought A Comparative Path PDF
Beniamino Fortis 127-138
the skin and me (a piece to be read aloud and, if possible, amongst friends) PDF
Félix Duque 139-154


The Expanded Epoché PDF
Mario Perniola 157-170
Precariousness and Bad Faith: Giovanni Jervis on the Illusions of Self-Conscious Subjectivity PDF
Massimo Marraffa 171-187

Book Debate

on Stephen Engstrom, The Form of Practical Knowledge PDF
Stefano Bacin, Carla Bagnoli 191-203

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